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Glass half empty

Wednesday, July 28 2010 | Read more

We’re all aware that this issue of perception defines most of what happens in our lives. Both in love or in politics, we define our own roles according to perceptions such as that of the glass being half empty or half full. So it is not surprising that the concept of representing perceptions is at the heart of photography today…


Friday, March 12 2010 | Read more

World Press Photo has just disqualified Stepan Rudik from receiving the 3erd. prize story award in Sports Features. Their argument goes that “after careful consultation with the jury, [it has] determined that it was necessary to disqualify Stepan Rudik, due to violation of the rules of the WPP contest”. The photographer had removed a foot of one of it’s subjects from a photo…

The day pigs will fly

Friday, May 1 2009 | Read more

Mexico City is a very quiet place today. All restaurants, bars, discos, nightclubs, bowling alleys and billiard halls are closed. No movie houses, galleries, museums, or cultural programs to visit. No sports events or religious activities such as Mass, either. All Schools from grade school all the way up to Universities, are also closed down. You can visit with friends of course, however most people seem to choose staying at home, connected to their TV sets, telephones, cell phones, or computers. As of tomorrow, no business are to be open either. It is mostly a shut down of the entire system. The reason for this is to try and keep all of us separate to prevent the H1N1 virus from spreading…

Every cloud has a silver lining

Sunday, June 6 2010 | Read more

It has recently come to my attention, that the world is not looking so great. Well, that is after looking at all the news one gets 24/7 coming from all directions. Television, newspapers, magazines, websites, bloggers, twitter, etc. You name it, they come from across the globe…

From the lightscreen

Thursday, February 4 2010 | Read more

“From the lightscreen” is our new statement, and it substitutes our previous one: “from analog to digital”. We believe that the transition from analog to digital is now an accomplished objective. 15 years ago we set ourselves the goal to guide our fellow photographers thru this transition. Along the way, in this decade and a half, not only has our forecast been consistent with events, but now even we were surpassed by the the speed of the changes that occurred…

The lost decade

Monday, March 2 2009 | Read more

This morning I read in the Mexican newspaper, Reforma that the Chinese government just announced the construction of a new automobile factory in Mexico. This is at a time that other car manufacturers, the world over, are falling apart. What this tells me is that the misfortunes of some does not need to be the same for everyone else...

Back to the same

Wednesday, April 21 2010 | Read more

It seems that nowadays there are more cancelled prizes, declared as void, etcetera, than awarded. And it always revolves around the manipulation issue. This time it goes like this: Luis Valtueña’s contest first prize revoked because of the manipulation made to one of the photographs…

The photographer and his skeleton

Wednesday, January 20 2010 | Read more

I would venture to say that most photographers have a back problem. We apparently have not been designed to carry a heavy load of camera equipment dangling from our shoulders. When I was a lot younger than I am today, I thought nothing of lugging around three or four cameras, and their lenses. Sure I might have gotten tired, but other than that I never gave it too much thought, as to what I was doing to myself…

What about the crisis?

Monday, February 2 2009 | Read more

The crisis is global. And it’s not only economic.We talk about the many ills that afflict all countries, where the economic dimension is a very important one, but it’s by no means the only one. It would seem that the crisis is going to last for quite a while. As a friend, Rubén Aguilar, put it, “Not all of us can act on the causes, but all of us are in a position to act on the effects.” In the world of photography, all of us have many opportunities to do our part in the context of this crisis