Learn more about Pedro Meyer’s career


Founder of the Photographic Art Group, México D.F.
The group organizes discussions on photography and solo exhibitions in Mexico.


Photographs the streets of Mexico City, documenting the events that led up to October 2nd in Tlatelolco.


Founder member and president of the Mexican Council of Photography-Consejo Mexicano de Fotografía, A.C. Mexico City.
President of the Organizing Committee of the First Latin American Photography Colloquium,


He travels extensively in Nicaragua, photographing and interviewing people, including then-dictator Anastasio Somoza. He is the first to be able to photograph the Sandinistas in their training camps.


President of the Organizing Committee of the Second Latin American Photography Colloquium.

He is re-elected president of the Mexican Council of Photography and opens Casa de la Fotografía, which would become the center of photographic activities in Mexico City.


Member of the Organizing Committee of the Third Latin American Colloquium on Photography in Havana, Cuba.


Creates and organizes the Río de Luz series, a collection of Latin American photography books published by Fondo de Cultura Económica, Mexico.

Visiting Artist: The Arizona Commission on the Arts and the Arizona Western College. Yuma, AZ, United States.


He coordinates Mexico Through Foreign Eyes exhibition, inviting Fred Ritchin and Carole Naggar as curators.

He travels 1,500 miles across the United States, working on the Guggenheim project.


Concentrates on learning the use and implications of digital art and photography; opens a studio in Los Angeles, CA, United States.


Spends 2 months photographing the Mixtec region of Oaxaca for National Geographic.


Creates ZoneZero website.


24 Hours in Cyberspace, photographs for the Mojave Desert project, CA, United States.

Visiting artist: Centro de Estudos Fotograficas, Vigo, Spain.


Visiting Artist Program. University of Colorado at Boulder. CO, Estados Unidos.

ZoneZero wins the following awards:
“CNET Best of the Web”

NET Magazine – names ZoneZero one of the top 100 sites of all time, and one of the top 5 in the art category.
Luckman Interactive names ZoneZero a “Luckman Five-Star winner.”
NET Guide- gives ZoneZero five stars, naming it a Platinum-rated site.


The Global Information Infrastructure (GII) Awards selects ZoneZero as one of the top 6 arts and entertainment websites in the U.S.


ZoneZero receives 4 million hits per month.


Participates in Day in a Life of Africa, book, DVD and exhibition.


Tenth Anniversary of ZoneZero. Colloquium 10 years from analog to digital: ZoneZero. (September) Teatro de las Artes, Centro Nacional de las Artes. Mexico.

Laberinto de la Luz Exhibition. ZoneZero. Image and Education Colloquium. (September) Galería Central, Centro Nacional de las Artes. Mexico.


Creates Archivo Pedro Meyer, a database that contains his entire life’s work (more than 450,000 images and documents)

He coordinates Heresies, a project that includes the digitization of his photographic archive, the creation of galleries to be seen on site and exhibitions in various museums around the world.


Founder and president of the Pedro Meyer Foundation.


Builds Foto Museo Cuatro Caminos, an important contribution to the world of photography, whose main objective is education.