By Pedro Meyer

Ode to the Sea

Pablo Neruda


What does a small red wheel says to you?

Associated with the Coca Cola and Leica camera logos.


How did the name of the Miramar collection come about?

Miramar is for me, looking at infinity.

Have you ever had to be in front of the sea and not think about infinity?
That sea collects all your fantasies of the past, present, and future.
Hence my idea for the name of the collection.

Pedro Meyer, september 2022

Why is the content of these books important?

The collection of books has a testimonial value that accompanies the other narratives that exist and that can be useful for everyone, contributing something new to visual culture.

Why 41 books?

Because 41 books were too many.

What will the books look like?

The books in the collection are 11.5 x 11.5 in, when opened wide, it becomes a 24″ x 12″ view, a  generous size for viewers. 

About the author

Pedro Meyer

Pedro Meyer (1935) is a photographer and visual artist who, at 87, continues to innovate. His collection reaches more than 1 million images of the most diverse themes of human activity.

Known for his contributions to the development of the Latin American photographic industry, he has never stopped addressing universal photographic themes throughout the transition from analog to digital.

The Miramar collection that includes this series of books covers the work and life of Pedro Meyer, where the author seeks to create a narrative as diverse as the very experiences of society. The transition of photography through technological changes that influence both content and form constitute an essential part of the author’s concerns.


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Abril 2024