NICARAGUA 1978-1984

Edited by Mariana Arroyo

No. pages: 184
No. photographs: 71

About the editor

Mariana Arroyo 

She was born in the city of Pachuca, Hidalgo, in 1995. She has lived most of his life in Xalapa. In her professional occupation, she works as a photographer, audiovisual creator, and book editor. She obtained a degree in photography at Veracruz University and accomplished studies on Interdisciplinarity for the Teaching of Arts at CENART.

Creating images for Mariana is a constant exploration, about looking for the clues that hide behind them and then being able to sort them and find meaning to the messages that exist in them. She first photographs and then organizes. Photography, book, ceramics, and video are the main disciplines she uses. The issues she has worked on are body and nature, gender roles, and travel.

Additional references

Thanks to the complete reference of Archivo Pedro Meyer (Archive) online database and invitation of a score of specialized views, it was possible to decant the following galleries, particular readings of main themes of Pedro. All these selections are supported by authority of each of these personalities recognized for their work in photographic work as curators, museographers, critics, journalists, researchers, professors, authors and artists.