Edited by Racquel Barousse (Conejo Soñador)

No. pages: 214
No. photographs: 136

About the editor

Racquel Barousse

She was born in 1987 in Mexico City although her express birth certificate was born in Toluca, where she was registered at six months old. She lives in the city of Querétaro and works as an author’s photographer, teacher, and book editor. She graduated from the University of the Americas Puebla with a degree in 2011, and in 2014 she studied photography at the Active School of Querétaro.

What she likes most is to make art and write. She expresses herself by creating digital photographic images although she can become multi-disciplinary when integrating techniques of digital art, collage, and painting. The intimacy shown in her photographs seeks to understand the relationship of being with nature. She touches on issues such as: femininity, childhood, fragmentations, and existentialist poetic narratives, often from self-portrait and nude. Racquel usually photographs fragments of her intimacy, photographing her two daughters, moments where joy, sadness, and melancholy are mixed.

Additional references

Thanks to the complete reference of Archivo Pedro Meyer (Archive) online database and invitation of a score of specialized views, it was possible to decant the following galleries, particular readings of main themes of Pedro. All these selections are supported by authority of each of these personalities recognized for their work in photographic work as curators, museographers, critics, journalists, researchers, professors, authors and artists.